Terms of Use

DigiAds Agency. establishes a legal agreement with the customer and there are certain terms and conditions that need to be kept in mind in this regard. Please go through the terms and conditions before you use the website. Once you access, use or browse our website, you are taken as someone who has gone through our policies and terms and have understood them. You are also considered agreeing to be bound by the clauses and be in compliance with the rules and regulations. In case the situation is otherwise, you must not use the portal.

Without intimating you, DigiAds Agency may modify or even revise the Terms of Use or any other information that is contained herein by updating the post. We may even consider making improvements or alterations in our programs or services without intimating you.

General Terms: As far as the general policies are concerned, this site and the content herein is not copied, republished, reproduced, posted, uploaded, distributed, transmitted or used for creating derivative works without securing the legal consent of the company. One exception to the rule could be the fact that DigiAds Agency. grants you non transferable, non exclusive and limited access for using certain sections of this website.

Failure to comply with the agreements, conditions, notices and terms on the given web address results in self termination of the rights that have been granted to you. This is done without prior notification leading to instant termination and destruction of all downloaded materials that you possess or control. Other than limited permission clauses, DigiAds Agency does not grant any other rights or trademarks under another element such as the following :
• License
• Copyrights
• Proprietary property rights
• Intellectual property rights

Disclaimers: The information that is published in this website is not guaranteed or promised to be full proof or 100% accurate as there may be certain technical inappropriateness therein. Additionally, we do not rule out typos too. We don’t assume responsibility for guaranteeing accuracy of any of the information posted herein.

Indemnification Claims: You agree as well as understand that you are responsible your behavior and defend DigiAds Agency. as well as its subsidiaries and affiliates, agents, licensors, business partners, joint ventures, employees, agents or third party information providers.

Warranty Disclaimer: DigiAds Agency. may revise and update its policy disclaimers any time and you should use the site at your own risk. There are no guarantees and warranties against merchantability or non infringement. Using the website after there are changes made will imply that you have agreed to the changes.

Liability Limitation: DigiAds Agency is not liable for any damages that arise out of inability of using the service, website or content thereon.

Cancellation Policy 

The cancellation policy of DigiAds Agency is somewhat different when it comes to services like Digital Marketing, Pay per Click, Search engine optimization, with other specific services. You are requested to refer to the service agreements for each particular group for looking into the particulars and specifications of the cancellation policy.

For one, all the requests for cancellation should take into account being submitted to the accounts and billing department of DigiAds Agency. You are free to request cancellation through phone or email. We are not going to consider your cancellation requests or consider them as legitimate unless you are confirmed about the same by our accounts or billing team. You will be given a confirmation number or receive a confirmation email from the above mentioned division of the corporation. This is done so as to act as a proof of service cancellation.

An advance notice of about 30 days is mandatory for notifying any cancellation. This will make sure that your account has been successfully disconnected or discontinued at the ideally desired time. Your billing issues will also be wrapped up so as to adjust your billing processes. In case you want to stop your account, all you need to do is intimate us and we will do the needful.

Refund Policy 

The refund policy of DigiAds Agency is somewhat different when it comes to the services that are on hand. You are requested to refer to the particular refund policies for gathering further information about the various refunds that apply for the different services. There is no guarantee presented by DigiAds Agency as far as refunds for cancellation of a particular service is concerned.

DigiAds Agency is bound to operate on the basis of the agreement that has been signed between the client and DigiAds Agency.. There are no refunds offered for transaction charges or for the funds that are invested on the search engines as well as for services that are already delivered or for that matter various charges that cannot be recovered by DigiAds Agency, and the refund of which results in a loss for DigiAds Agency.

All of the hosting services at DigiAds Agency are offered on a monthly basis for our clients. Please take into account that no refunds are offered for extra services, set up fees and expenditures, IP addresses, disk fees and bandwidth or an account that has been closed due to violation of our terms and conditions.


DigiAds Agency as an organization has with it the exclusive right to bring about any alteration of the provisions of refund of cancellation policy without intimating prior notice.